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Boxes on Conveyor Roller


Shipping has become expensive.  It is something most of us don't like to deal with, but it is necessary.  Although we would prefer to do business in person for every transaction, we just cannot afford to bring everyone to Mansfield, Ohio for a vacation!  That being said, we have to use shipping services to get products to their destinations; we use USPS or UPS.  

Most radio equipment is quite fragile and believe it or not, even more expensive than shipping.  We care about the products we sell and their new owners, so extra care is given to make sure everything we ship is packed well.  We also make certain to apply insurance sufficient enough to cover the cost of the item and shipping.  

We have at our disposal specific packaging materials of varying sizes to accommodate what we sell.  Each package costs "x-number" of dollars to ship and in general, the bigger it is, the heavier it is, and the longer the distance the more it costs (unless it is a USPS flat rate package).  We have done careful work to determine how much product can fit into a package, and we charge shipping based upon total weight of an order, giving each item a specific weight value.  

The least amount you will pay for shipping is $10.00, because that is what our smallest packages (including packing material) costs us to ship.  So for example, if you only purchase a single small vacuum tube that costs $2.00, you will end up paying $12.00 plus tax for it!  That's great if the item is that valuable to you, but guess what?  If you buy "ten" small vacuum tubes, you will pay the same amount in shipping as you would for just one!  That is because we can safely fit about ten small used vacuum tubes in that same box, each packed in bubble wrap.  

For larger items such as transceivers or amplifiers, custom packaging must be used due to the bulk and weight of these items to ship them safely and efficiently.  These items will each be packed individually by themselves.

In general, packages will be shipped out between 1-3 business days after payment is confirmed.  We ship standard to all US territories, and we offer international shipping as well.  If you are outside US territory, please contact us about shipping arrangements for items you are interested in.  We will do our best to find the best rates possible.  

*****We only process orders during our normal business hours (Monday-Friday 10AM-4PM Eastern Time).  We do not process orders on holidays, and there are times when we will be away and unavailable to process orders.  We will post updates in advance on our site to let you know when we will be away and for how long.*****

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